I know how it goes. You have this piece in mind that you want for your home. So you search all your favorite stores, look at countless websites and you still can’t find exactly what you’re looking for. So then you settle for something you “kind of” like, something that everyone else has, or. . . well that blank wall just stays blank.
Honey, stop looking for what you want. Create what you want!
Check out some of the custom projects I’ve done in the past and what customers have said.
If you’re looking for something personal and unique, I’m your girl.


One Year: The Paper Anniversary

“The one year anniversary is the paper anniversary and I wanted to do something special and meaningful. I’m not a creative person and thinking about what I could do with paper was challenging. When I thought about commissioning a piece of art I knew I wanted something to go over our bed that was a statement. Our first dance song was “Love You, I Do” by Jennifer Hudson. The main line in the chorus is obviously. “I love you, I do” and that is what inspired this piece.” -Mary Cullen

Screen Shot 2019-04-10 at 9.39.50 PM.jpg

In Loving Memory

“Ever since I was little, My Great Aunt Becky’s parting words to me were “I love you a bushel and a peck and a hug around the neck”. She even had the quote hung in her house. I will never forget the bond I had with Aunt Becky. She was like a grandmother to me and ✨ this painting is going to be a daily reminder to live by the things she taught me. ✨ I hope to keep this painting in my house and raise my children on the same values that I grew up on. I hope to honor her by showing the same grace to everyone I meet exactly how she did. I love you a bushel and a peck, Aunt Becky, and a hug around the neck.” - Shannon


Welcome Home

Brian and Kristen put A LOT of work into their fixer-upper. This was going to be their forever home so every detail needed to be just right! When it came time for decor, Kristen came to me knowing exactly what she wanted, a white, wood sign with dark trim to accent the other details in the house, but she didn’t want to spend time searching all over for it. We worked together to create this gorgeous wood-framed sign to go above their new fireplace. If you ask me, it looks AMAZING and her vision was perfect! All the heart-eyes for this piece!


Baby Shower Guest Book

How cute is this?! A friend of mine threw a Baby Shower for her older sister and wanted a cute way to display the guest book from the shower as a nursery print. The shower guests would take their thumbs and make thumb prints like leaves to fill in the tree. I loved this idea and had so much fun painting and bringing the cute elements together!